It’s the time of the year when councils are working on their annual budgets and with costs increasing it’s getting harder to keep increases at a minimum. 

Killarney turtle Mountain Mayor Janice Smith says their deliberations are just getting underway. “At this point I don’t think we’ll be faced with any kind of increase like Brandon has approved but I feel for them because of the rising costs.” 

Brandon’s council approved a budget that includes a 9.4 per cent increase for 2024. 

Smith says it's a challenge with fire trucks now costing over $800,000 and graders more than $700,000. 

“You need this equipment to run your municipality but when purchases are made it falls back on the ratepayers. We’ve already put in an order for a new fire truck but as we move forward each councilor will present their priorities as we work to finalize the budget. 

Janice smith says councilors submit their expenditure priorities ahead of deliberations. 


“We should have our budget approved by mid-April” said Janice Smith.