The municipal office for Killarney-Turtle Mountain will be busy with renovations, incorporating the previous fire hall portion of the building into office space.

The new municipal office will be shifting over to the other side, giving everyone easier access with a ground-floor entrance, provide more space for office and staff, and to upgrade the facility according to code.

Mayor Merv Tweed says, the building was built in the mid-60's with little money spent on it over the past number of years.  "We're going to bring it up to the environmental standards of today.  We're going to improve the entire office.  It's basically a complete reno.  It's a crowded work environment right now and we're hoping it will create more space for our employees."

The renovations project will begin in August with hopes of completion by the end of spring 2023.

"We're working on it being a ground-floor entrance, and we're upgrading all the windows and the heating system; everything that needs to bring it back into today's scope of rules and regulations.  We're optimistic that it's going to be a real positive, not only for the community on main street, but also for the people who work inside," he adds.

With the fire hall portion of the building being renovated into offices, there is certainly plenty of space to work with.

The project has been planned for over the past number of years.  "We have a reserve fund that was set up a few years ago to move forward with this," explains Tweed.  "We will be assessing it as we go through but the project scope is about $2 million."