A full complement of councillors is now sitting around the Killarney-Turtle Mountain council table.

Following the nomination deadline for the October 26th election only five people filed papers and that left one seat empty.

Last week council met for their inaugural meeting and six names were presented to consider for the sixth position and Jaret Box was unanimously selected. “I was approached by the mayor actually to put my name forward and I was vote in and look forward to the opportunity.”

“I work as a nurse, and I help people and wanted to be more involved in the community. I just want to learn more things to see if problems can be solved.”

Jaret Box is a nurse, and he says health care service delivery without question is a priority.

“I think we could use more doctors as we’ve lost a few recently.”

This is his first time on a council although municipal politics isn’t new to the family. “My dad spent one term on town council in Ninette and I thought I’d give it a shot and see how it goes.”