Over the past several decades farmers and other supporters of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank have grown a crop in the Killarney area and this year’s harvest has been postponed four days.

The annual harvest day was set for Friday, September 23 but it has been rescheduled to Tuesday, September 27th.

Field manager Myron Peters said the weather forecast is behind the decision to move to another day. “The forecast was calling for a chance of rain Friday so we decided to postpone it to September 27th and the forecast looks good for that day.”

The 155 acres of wheat is on a field south of Killarney near the U-S border.

“The crop looks great and we’re hoping for a surprising yield there. We’ll be straight cutting the wheat on Tuesday.”

Supporters are encouraged to attend this year’s harvest and that includes farmers, retailers and community minded people who get behind the work being done by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

“We ask people to show up at the field with their equipment at 11:00 am and the meal will be served at 11:30 and harvest will get underway at 12 noon. We’re trying to start a bit earlier this year so farmers can get back home to continue with their own harvest” said Myron Peters.

The field is located south of Killarney about seven kilometers east of the junction of Highway #18 and Road No. 1 near the United States border.

Myron Peters looks forward to seeing lots of supporters at Tuesday’s harvest.