2022 was a busy year for Killarney-Turtle Mountain, and 2023 looks to be no different!

"Doctor recruitment is very high on our priority list," shares Mayor, Janice Smith, "and we would like a couple of maintaining years.  We've had a lot of projects being done in the past few years and we just want to make sure all of those projects are done to the specifications of the municipality."

Concentrating on their current assets will be a focus in 2023, "meaning more roadwork and sidewalks and the Shamrock Centre," she adds.

The Shamrock Centre was built in 2008 with this year marking 15 years of serving Killarney and area with year-round recreation and programs.  "Just like everything else it's an aging infrastructure and I know it's not very old but the plant is not working efficiently," notes Smith, "so that is going to be an issue moving forward, and also the roof it going to need some attention as well."