The Province has committed to investing more than $25 million in 427 local and regional projects through the Building Sustainable Communities (BSC) program.  

Of those 427 projects, 46 have been chosen from across the Westman Region, totaling $2.2 million. 

The Souris-Glenwood community hall has been in need of renovations, specifically in the kitchen. Manager of Parks and Recreation Manager, Carole Williams, says the granting of $75,000 will be very helpful in the renovation project. 

“The hall was built in 1981 and we just need to refresh and make [the kitchen] more efficient and purchase some equipment that we can utilize as well, perhaps a commercial range, dishwasher and coolers, that kind of thing.” 

The entire project comes in at close to $200,000 but Williams says a large portion of that amount has been secured. The municipality has allocated $95,000 towards the project on top of  

“Right now, we have $95,000 funds on hand, and we’re hoping to raise a bit more money and finish that project off,” she explains.  

Renovations are expected to start fairly soon once committed events have taken place and the hall is free for renovations. Williams adds they’re hoping to have the project complete by spring on 2023. 

“Changing the sizing of the kitchen will probably be the first thing we start, and whether we have to move a wall. So, as soon as we can get started working around some of the bookings that are in here where we can find some time to get a portion done.” 

Williams notes the government grant was crucial in getting the project going. “So, now we can proceed. A lot of projects, especially larger projects, it takes a lot of fundraising, a lot of effort to try and make it happen and so that substantial grant is so important to communities, to all communities.” 

Additional BSC Fund projects in Souris include: 

 $8,500 to purchase maintenance equipment in Souris; 

 $8,007 to purchase equipment for the Souris Glenwood Golf Course; 

 $20,000 for playground upgrades in Souris; 

‘The BSC program was launched in 2019 to offer municipalities and non-profit organizations a streamlined process to apply for community grants for planning activities, organizational capacity building projects, equipment costs, capital infrastructure and other local or regional initiatives that enhance the sustainability of their community,’ states the most recent media news release. 

‘Projects can receive up to 50 per cent toward eligible costs, with a maximum grant of $75,000. The BSC program was expanded in 2021-22 to cover up to 50 per cent of eligible costs for larger-scale capital projects, with a maximum grant of $300,000. Approved projects, except for planning activities, are required to contribute a minimum of 10 per cent from non-government sources.’ 

The full list of 427 approved projects are posted at:

For more information on the BSC program, visit