The Shamrock Centre in Killarney is using a government grant to help cover the cost of changing it’s lights.

The Manitoba government is investing more than $25 million through the Building Sustainable Communities (BSC) program to support hundreds of projects across the province.

The Shamrock Centre has a grant of $75,000.

“That money will be used to replace all the lighting in the building” said facility manager Liana Smith.

“Most of the lighting is the same age as the building which is going on 15 years. So a lot of the ballasts and bulbs we can no longer purchase so we’ll be upgrading the Shamrock Centre to LED lighting.”

The grant from the province was matching and the light upgrade project carries a total cost of $150,000.

“This will result in a tremendous costs savings in our electricity bill that’s for sure. The building will be brighter inside that’s for sure. Especially in some of our areas like our fitness centre where it’s a little bit darker right now so it will greatly improve that” said Liana Smith.

Facility officials don’t have an exact time frame as to when the lights will be switched over to LED.

“We’re still waiting word from Building Sustainable Communities on that one.”