It took more than three years but the ADLIB production of Clue On Stage finally took place at the Boissevain Community Theatre last week.

The four-night run saw the theatre filled almost every night.

The production was first put together prior to the pandemic and was ready to open the curtains when everything shut down in March of 2020 and was on hold until this month.

Director Brandt Bessant was extremely pleased to see so many people come out to enjoy community theatre and the local actors. “We had more than 700 people over the four nights and that was great to see.”

“You put something like this on, and you always worry about how many people will show up. You worry about the timing, the weather or other things on in the community but it seems everyone was ready for live theatre in Boissevain.”

adlib cast 2020

ADLIB cast prior to shut down in March of 2020.

The production includes a cast of more than a dozen and many more people working behind the scenes.

“Once we’ve paid the bills we’ll sit down as a group and decide where we want the money to go. In the past some of the money went as a gift to the theatre for upgrades. I know there are some upcoming projects with the stage and the lighting and other things that will make the theatre better than ever,” said Bessant.


The future remains unclear, but Brandt Bessant says already some of the cast members were talking about doing another play.


"If we can get a solid two or three months, we can get another play ready to go."