For two decades the Manitoba Livestock Marketing Association has hosted a fund raising golf tournament and this year’s event was the best ever.

This year the Cattlemen’s Classic golf tournament was held at the Lakeside golf course at Killarney.

Rick Wright is with the association and helped coordinate the tournament. “We had 188 golfers at the course and we had a banner day.”

“We had a record number of golfers and a record sale of our auction items. Prices were above face value and we had a lot of support from our industry and our service providers. We had just a great day and the volunteers in Killarney were fantastic. It was the biggest and most successful.”

The golf tournament is expected to raise between $15,000 and $20,000 for the Livestock Marketing Association.

Money raised helps the association to educate members about any changes in the industry, to do lobby work, promote the industry and to help cover expenses.

“We use the funds to educate members about regulatory changes coming down the line and to promote the Manitoba cattle industry across the country. We also use money raised to help cover travel expenses. Industry reps from the province’s marketing association travel to work with government and other entities and to protect Manitoba producers and marketers and it’s a costly endeavor.”

Rick Wright says they’re off to Ottawa next week for meetings with CFIA and the cost alone for that trip which is a one day meeting will be over $2,000.

The Cattlemen’s Classic golf tournament will be back in 2023.

“When you see the success and the hard work by volunteers and the large turn it makes it all worthwhile and we’ll be back in Killarney next year.”