Killarney-Turtle Mountain's Recreation Director is gearing up for the Fall and Winter programming, this year without the Covid-19 restrictions.

April Archambault says their looking forward to an easier season with more people participating in the many activities offered at the Shamrock Centre starting over the next number of weeks, and there's a few surprises!

Regular activities such as pickle ball, the many different fitness classes, drums alive and karate are all back on the list of things to do.  Dance and gymnastics for kids will continue as well as youth and league bowling.  "There's lots going on!" says Archambault.

The newest addition is the roller skating / roller blading program.

"We received a grant from 'Healthy Together Now' and we are working towards being able to offer roller skating even throughout the winter season," shares Archambault. "That's something we're pretty excited about!"

Over the summer months, many enjoyed using the concrete surface in the Shamrock Centre arena to roller skate and blade.  "We brought out the music and the lights," says  Archambault.  "So, we're trying to work out a plan for that in the Hall for the winter months, as well as bring it back into the arena in the summer.  And we'll be able to rent out roller skates and roller blades to people in the community for a pretty reasonable cost."

The Killarney Rec Director remembers all too well the extra work, responsibilities and worries of last Fall and Winter with the Covid regulations.  She's welcoming the upcoming seasons to be much more stress-free for the community, their staff and their patrons, even though staff will remain vigilant at keeping the Shamrock Centre's facilities cleaned and sanitized.  

"I think some of the rules in place for the season last year were still a deterrent for a lot of people; having to show proof of vaccination, and keeping extra track of all the coming in and going out.  Hopefully we won't be looking at any of that this year so that's going to be wonderful, not for just us, but any other organization as they're trying to organize their season.  It took a lot of extra volunteers and time managing the doors and the rink.  I believe we'll see an increase in registrations across the board!" she adds.

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