Boissevain’s new aquatic centre remains under construction but that hasn’t stopped people from signing up for this year’s swimming lessons.

The Municipality of Boissevain-Morton’s parks and recreation director Wendy Giesbrecht says with the new facility they’ll be able to amp up what they can offer at the pool. “The old pool served us well but with the larger facility we open ourselves up to a number of possibilities and that all depends on the type of users we get.”

“We can host more of the same programs because we’ll have an increased capacity.

The new pool will have room for 346 people from the existing 199.

“You know numbers for swimming lessons actually looks really good. We’re offering lessons through the four months of August. Registrations are rolling in and lessons are filling up quickly. That’s very rewarding to see,” said Giesbrecht.

As for lifeguards parks and recreation would like to have nine of 10 on staff and right now they have six. “We have enough to run our programs, but more would be better.”