The Conservative leadership race has six candidates and Brandon-Souris MP Larry Maguire has decided to throw his support behind political veteran Jean Charest.

Party members will select the new leader September 10th. The leadership race was needed after former leader Erin O’Toole lost support.

Larry Maguire says Charest has the tools to do a great job not just as leader but as Prime Minister.

“I believe he’s a statesman who understands the entire country. He has a lot of fire in his belly and will appeal to voters of all ages. He’s had great experience in leading Quebec through three elections and he balanced the budget in Quebec and that’s something of interest to young people.”

“We have good economic policies and people are concerned about their economic future as many have been priced out of the housing market including many youth in rural areas. He has a strong understanding of all regions in the country from when he was a member of parliament before as well.”

Jean Charest will make a stop in Brandon on Sunday afternoon and Maguire says it might be his only Westman stop during the leadership campaign.

“He understands agriculture, he understands that we need pipelines so we can have our own resources in our own country” said Maguire.

Charest is from Quebec and Larry Maguire says that’s good for attraction voters in that province but it isn’t an issue outside the province. “We’ve had leaders from Quebec before and we’ve also had strong leaders from Western Canada.”