The Manitoba 4H Council is putting the finishing touches on their 'Green Tie Gala' taking place on Wednesday, November 1st at the Provincial Exhibitions' iconic Dome Building on the Keystone Centre Grounds.

Funds raised will go towards their youth programs and events, which supports all members  of the Manitoba 4H/

“We are always focused on enhancing existing opportunities and creating new ones, helping our youth expand their knowledge and skills through experiential learning,” says Shannon Carvey, Executive Director of Manitoba 4-H Council Inc.

“Hosting an event like this can make those opportunities possible for the 4-H members in Manitoba, whether they be our six-year-old “Clover Buds” or our “Senior Members” from 14-17 years of age,” Carvey continues. “Fantastic new experiences can happen with support from business and community. We are so excited for this event, for the information that will be shared, and the connections made.”

Growing awareness and fostering support for Provincial programs is essential for Manitoba 4-H Council to maintain and expand the programming for all its’ members.

To support both of those objectives, Manitoba 4-H Council will be hosting their First Annual Fundraising Dinner at the Dome Building on the Keystone Centre grounds in Brandon on Wednesday, November 1st in conjunction with the National 4-H initiative “Show Your 4-H Colours” Day.

Two new events this summer was the Agri-Career Quest which takes place twice a year, and the Manitoba 4H Youth Rally that was held at the Keystone Centre in May.

Please listen to more with Shannon Carvey below as she explains more on these two programs, as well as what's on their wish list!

With roots that started right here in Manitoba, 4-H is proud to be celebrating 110 years and been one of the most highly respected positive youth development organizations in Canada. 4-H in Manitoba has roughly 1300 members and 400 volunteers. Our goal is to help young Canadians “Learn To Do By Doing” in a safe, inclusive and fun environment. We believe in nurturing responsible, caring and contributing leaders who are committed to positively impacting their communities in Manitoba, across Canada, and around the world.

Green Tie Gala Tickets on sale via the website or click HERE!, or call Kellie McCallum at 204-901-1813

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