Weekly Provincial Summary

Provincial seeding progress sits at 40% completion, behind the 5-year average of 91% for Week 21. 

Progress remains highly variable within each region, and even from farm to farm, depending on localized rainfall and soil conditions.

Wet and slowly drying soils have presented numerous problems to growers, with many instances of tractors, seeders, and sprayers getting stuck, often in unexpected places.

Farm operators are forced to work very long hours, or overnight for 24 hour periods in an effort to seed crops while soil and weather conditions permit. Larger farms tend to be slightly further ahead in planting progress than smaller operators.

Poor condition gravel and dirt roads reduced timely field access in many regions, forcing growers to find alternate routes to fields, or travel at much slower speeds than normal.

Weather and soil conditions have led to shifting acreage plans, or order-of-operations changes.