In response to the impacts of extreme moisture over the past two years and stakeholder feedback, the Manitoba government is implementing a temporary rent reduction for forage leases on agricultural Crown lands, Agriculture Minister Derek Johnson announced today.

“The Agricultural Crown Lands Program supports a vibrant and sustainable agricultural sector, and our government is committed to ensuring it continues to meet the needs of Manitoba’s livestock industry,” said Johnson. “Stakeholders have told us that rental rates on forage lands are challenging with the hardships they are experiencing following the past two years of extreme weather conditions. We are responding to their concerns by implementing this rent reduction program over the next three years, which will provide ranchers with up to $4 million in relief.”

The forage lease rent reduction will be in place for the next three years with a 50 per cent reduction in 2023, a 33 per cent reduction in 2024 and a 15 per cent reduction in 2025. Forage leaseholders do not need to apply for the support, Johnson noted, adding the reduction will be automatically applied to next year’s bills.

Adverse conditions ranging from severe drought the past two years to excess moisture this year have significantly affected the productivity and forage capacity of agricultural Crown lands. This temporary rent reduction will be in place as the productivity of the land recovers and as further improvements to the Agricultural Crown Lands Program are implemented, the minister noted

In addition to the rent reduction program, Manitoba Agriculture is exploring other policy, program, regulation and service improvements to enhance the productivity and sustainability of agricultural Crown forage lands including mechanisms for leaseholders to invest in productivity and adjustments to the terms and conditions of leases.

As part of its continuing review of the Agricultural Crown Lands Program, the government is inviting the public to provide input through an EngageMB survey that will run until late October.

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