The Manitoba Wildlife Federation strives to inspire Manitobans to get out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors, and they enjoy teaching Manitobans new skills!

This weekend the MWF is partnering with the Fort Whyte Center and Cabella's to host their annual Ice Fishing Festival.

Managing Director for the MWF, Carly Deacon, says the event is open to families to come and join in the fun, and to experience something new if they've never tried to ice fish before.

"This is an experience that anybody can go to," Deacon explains. "It's free admission to Fort Whyte which is exceptional for families who just want to enjoy the Fort Whyte Center, and it's a beautiful location for outdoor activities, but also if anyone is interested in learning how to ice fish for the first time!"

Cabella's is a major sponsor for the event, paying for full registration for all participants.  The Fort Whyte Center will have their staff and volunteers and all of their facilities open to the public.

"And then us here at the MWF, we will have ice fishing presentations, resources, folks set up for booths, and then we'll have a huge space here out on the ice with pre-drilled holes and ice fishing equipment," she adds. "So, folks or families who have never tried ice fishing before they can come and visit us on the ice and volunteers will help them through the whole process!"

Participants do not need to pre-register.  Simply show up and enjoy the day!

Deacon says they had approximately 1500 people come through the first time they hosted the event at Fort Whyte, and about 1000 on the second year.  

The Manitoba Wildlife Federation Ice Fishing Festival takes place this Saturday, March 16th - from 10 am to 4:30 pm - at the Fort Whyte Center, 1961 McCreary Road, Winnipeg