Former M.P. and Reform Party of Canada Leader Preston Manning and his wife Sandra were speakers at an A Rocha Prairie Canada event in Winkler Thursday evening.  Preston says they were there to talk about the influence their families had on making them more conscious of environmental conservation and stewardship.

On the political side, Preston points out that conservation and Conservative come from the same root.

Preston also talked about how the Christian community should lead the way in environmental conservation and stewardship.

Meanwhile, Sandra says it's important adults lead by example to teach our future generations to be stewards of the land.  She adds it's important to also teach our kids a work ethic, and not just by taking out the garbage.  One way her kids learned a work ethic was by staying up with them till 11:00 at night on a fence line pounding in posts.


the Group shots caption is as follows
(left-Markku Kostamo, Executive Director of A Rocha Canada. middle left- Sandra Manning, Board Member of A Rocha Canada, middle right- Preston Manning, former Reform Party Leader and advisor to A Rocha Canada Board, right- Nick Pharaoh, Co-Director of A Rocha Prairie Canada)