Tender for the building of the Maple Leaf Foods Sports Complex Clubhouse closed today, this a series of legs in the construction of this state-of-the-art soccer complex!

The City of Brandon is continuing promote sponsorship opportunities for the different facets of the facility, including the FIFA sized soccer field which has a field of play 105 m x 68 m (114 yards long x 74 yards wide).

In mid-September the City announced the 10-year partnership agreement with Maple Leaf Foods Inc, for the naming rights of the Outdoor Sports Field Complex.

'Located at First Street and Veterans Way, the Maple Leaf Foods Sports Complex will include a FIFA sized soccer field, up to eight 11 v 11 soccer fields, one dedicated 9 v 9 soccer field, a cricket pitch, a clubhouse with changerooms and washrooms, and 3.6 km of pathways. With investments from the governments of Canada and Manitoba, the City of Brandon is on track to see the project completed by early 2025,' stated the City of Brandon media release. 

And, at the end of October Heritage Co-op entered into a 5-year agreement for the naming rights of Soccer Field C which will now be known as Heritage Co-op Field. 

City of Brandon Manager of Parks, Bryce Wilson, says he's very pleased with the two sponsors who have partnered with them.  "This is very significant and very much needed to proceed with construction of the overall facility but also to provide dollars to operate it when it's open."

Phase 1 construction started early this spring and involved levelling and grading the property and having the road 'roughed in'. Phase 2 will involve more infrastructure, such as seeding and sod-lay of the fields. That tender is expected to be released in January of 2024 with completion to be next year.

Construction for the clubhouse has been advertised for tender which officially closes today, November 6th.  "So, we'll have a better gauge of direction after that tender closes," says Wilson. "So, yes we fully anticipate everything to be done in 2025."

Please listen to more on sponsorship opportunities at Maple Leaf Foods Soccer Complex with Bryce Wilson below!

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