Checking the prairie cattle marketing reports for last week  ... all prices in per hundred weights.

In Manitoba, Feeder Steer prices were up across the board with the largest increase  ( $28.79) for the 401 to 500 pound weight category for an average price of $452 

In Saskatchewan, feeder steer prices ranged from $505.63 for the 300-400 pound weight category to $313.80 for the 900+ category.

In Alberta, the price for fed steers averaged $232.87 that's up from the average price of $181.94 for the same week last year.

The slaughter cow price took a drrop last week with  D2 slaughter cows down $3.51 for an average of $135.10 

While, the price of D3 slaughter cows was down $4.11 for an average of $123.75

More data is available through CANFAX or the Provincial Marketing Agencies.