The Manitoba Wildlife Federation (MWF) has received $165,000 through the Manitoba Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Fund to establish a new archery program in Manitoba schools. 

Program Coordinator with the MWF, Chase Dreilich, says the funding will go towards facilitating the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) and purchasing equipment for participating schools.

"It's something we're really excited about here at the MWF," shares Dreilich. "What we want to do is to get NASP into more schools across Manitoba and really build the program in order to have a yearly tournament every year with all the schools that are participating.

The archery program would be available for students in middle years and high school (Grades 4-12), where youth learn about the sport itself as well as good life skills, such as taking turns, good sportsmanship, how to win graciously, how to lose graciously, how to challenge yourself to do better through practice and dedication.

"And it works on focus, and it works on dexterity, and it teaches the different grading systems on the targets," he explains, "and what we want to do is build that community, build that momentum to host an archery meet every year, so students have something to look forward to, and to keep a bit of that competitiveness among the schools too."

Dreilich says archery is a great hands-on sport for youth and is inclusive with regards to age, gender and skill level.

The National Archery in the Schools Program has been bringing archery to schools in North America for the past 22 years and program facilitators have witnessed astounding results when it comes to student growth and participation.

"The statistics are in and there are measured improvements in the participants from the program," he explains. "People are more connected with their school. They're feeling more engaged in the classroom.  And if you talk to anyone who has shot archery for any amount of time you know that it does take a lot of focus, and it takes skill. And it's something that you can bring home. Lots of people can do it in their back yard, or in their basement if they have room, or at a local archery shop."

"Something that I'm excited about as well," adds Dreilich, "is that one of the statistics that NASP has shared is that 91% of the students involved in this program participate in other outdoor activities as well, which is huge for everyone!"

Dreilich says there are a handful of Manitoba schools that have an archery program, but not necessarily as a competitive sport.  He wants to start the process of reaching out to the schools as soon as possible in order to launch the program this spring.

Please listen to more with Chase Dreilich with the Manitoba Wildlife Federation below!

"I'm just really excited about bringing this to schools across Manitoba," says Dreilich. "Archery is something that's been part of my life for a long time and I'm really passionate about it.  It's got me into some really amazing opportunities, and I've met some amazing people through it. And I'm excited to share that with students across Manitoba!"

For more information on the soon to start Manitoba NASP please contact Chase Dreilich by email: OR visit the MWF website HERE for contact information.

For more information on the NASP program, visit that website, or click HERE!