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The association representing Manitoba cattle producers has undergone a major identity transformation.

As part of the Manitoba Cattle Producers Association Annual General Meeting in Brandon this weekend, it was announced the MCPA will now be called the "Manitoba Beef Producers."

Communications manager Audrey Treichel explains they have launched a massive marketing and branding campaign aimed at helping all Manitobans realize how they benefit from a healthy beef industry in the province.

"A brand name should be something that the audience can easily make a connection with and what we discovered was that the terminology 'cattle producers' is not a widely understood term, especially from our urban audience," Treichel explains. "We felt it was going to fragment our message if we were going to talk about the benefits of beef, in terms of our social responsibility, our economic impact and our environmental commitment. When we explained all of those benefits through the campaign, we felt we would fragment the message if we tied that to the term 'cattle producers' when that is not a well understood term."

Treichel says the new identity satisfies all the expectations related to what cattle producers have always stood for, while resonating with the wide and varied Manitoba audience.

She adds the campaign is about more than simply trying to get Manitobans to purchase beef in the grocery store.

"When we want the urban population to understand what we're dealing with, whether it's flooding issues or other realities on the landscape, why should they care if they don't understand it?" she asks.

The campaign message "We All Benefit" will focus on ways in which all Manitobans directly benefit from beef producers' environmental commitment, social responsibility and economic impact. Treichel says the new campaign will be rolled out, including the launch of a new website, over the next month.

As for the AGM itself, producers debated 34 separate resolutions on Saturday. The most controversial proposal - to discontinue advocating for active brand inspection - was passed by the members in attendance. As a result, MBP will immediately drop its advocacy work related to implementing a brand inspection program. A resolution to lobby the province to implement brand inspection was passed at the 2009 AGM. Check back for more stories from the MBP 2010 AGM.




Communications manager Audrey Treichel unveils the new identity to cattle producers gathered in Brandon.



Manitoba Beef Producers communications manager Audrey Treichel describes the new MBP identity:



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~ Monday, November 8, 2010 ~