The Manitoba Canola Growers Association and other canola industry groups are lobbying the federal government to meet its biofuel commitments.

"The government has committed to a 2 percent renewable fuels standard. They've passed legislation for that to happen," explains Brian Chorney, chair of the MCGA's biofuel committee. "Currently, the regulations are being written. That's being handled by Environment Canada."

"We're wanting to see the regulations come into effect for April 1st, 2011. At this point, we don't know what the regulations will be, but there is rumour that date is going to slip considerably," he says.

Chorney notes a 2 percent biodiesl mandate would create a one million tonne market for canola. He says this demand would be consistent and reliable.

"It's a domestic market that is not exposed to rail freight, ocean freight, currency fluctuation, non-tariff trade barrier or trade barrier issues, so it's a domestic market that is much less at risk for the producer."

The Manitoba government has already implemented a biodiesel mandate. BC also has a mandate in place and Alberta will see a biofuel requirement come into effect in early 2011.

"We're wanting to ensure that there's not just a hodge-podge of mandates, but that there's a national mandate throughout Canada," says Chorney.

~ Tuesday, November 23, 2010 ~