The spring of 2022 has been a challenging one for many farmers as they work to get seed into the ground.

Rick Tilbury made a lot of progress over the past week to 10 days. He says the end is in sight.

“We’re probably 85 to 90 per cent done and have about 10 per cent left to go.”

“We’re getting it in but we’ll miss some of the lower areas where your best ground is it’s still pretty wet and there’s water in them but it’s better than we thought it would be just three weeks ago that’s for sure.”

Tilbury stuck with his original seeding plan with pretty much wheat, canola and oats going into the ground. He did drop soybeans because he felt it was getting too late into the year.

Rick Tilbury says weeds and bugs are becoming an issue. “There’s lots of flea beetles and we’ve sprayed some canola already for flea beetles that just come out of the ground not very long and they seem to be overpowering the seed treatment so we’ve been spraying for them because there’s lot out there.”

All farmers are hoping the weather cooperates so they can bring their 2022 seeding to a conclusion.

“We’re hoping for a good crop because it’s one of the most expensive crops I’ve ever put in during my time farming. The price of diesel fuel and the price of fertilizer and all that kind of stuff. It’s getting a good stuff the earlier seed stuff is up and looking really good” said Rick Tilbury.