It was a summer of reduced health service in Melita but as of September 14 some services are starting to return.

For the months of July and August Melita was without emergency department service because of staffing issues.

Mayor Bill Holden is pleased some services are back but he says they’ve got a long way to go to get the community where it needs to be to provide stable health care delivery. “We were shut down for those two months and it has been a great concern in this area. We’ve been working with Brian and the RHA trying to get the facility opened to begin with.”

“Once we get that going then we’re looking for a facility that stays open. If we have to change a little bit we will because we’re looking for a unit that’s open seven days a week 52 weeks of the year.”

Prairie Mountain Health is advising area residents of the new service schedule:


Beginning Wednesday, September 14th

Accepting inpatient admissions - These will be stable patients who require some nursing care to support their recovery or are waiting for placement in a Personal Care Home.

Beginning September 22nd

Reinstating the Emergency Department services from 8 am to 8 pm for the same approximate 10 days per month based on Dr. Dizon’s availability. The first period of open Emergency Department services will be from September 22nd at 8 am until September 26th at 8 pm. Posters will be in the community with further details.

Prairie Mountain Health would like to take this opportunity to thank all residents for their ongoing support and understanding during the period of reduced services at the Melita Health Centre over the summer months. We appreciate the willingness and flexibility of our staff for all they did in supporting other facilities and client care during this shift in service.

“We’ll have the E-R open as much as we can but it will be limited because of staffing and it’ll probably be 12 hours a day once we get going. We’re trying to get back to Dr. Dison’s schedule and back where we were before” said Mayor Bill Holden.

Recruitment of health care professionals is an ongoing challenge in the region.

“We’re trying to recruit doctors but we’re realistic and plan to move towards nurse practitioners. We have a lot of faith in the nurse practitioners. And even though clarification is needed we hope to move to wards an urgent care facility.”