Melita Mayor Bill Holden hopes 2023 is a year when his council can put aside funds to tackle some projects in 2024.

The veteran municipal politician says they have lots of things they could be tackling but any work moving forward will be based on priorities and available funding. “We’re being a bit apprehensive because we don’t want to overextend our budget too much this year. I know there are a few things that should be done but we’ll ease into it. The new development is just one example.”

“It should be a two- or three-year project but we’re going to try and do what we can afford for the time being.”

Bill Holden says on the financial front things have improved and it’s getting better all the time.

“It took some time to get back on track with our basket funding from the province when it was frozen six years ago. Before they did that, they cut a lot of our infrastructure money and froze everything. There haven’t been any increases in that funding and we’re lobbying the government to get the freeze off and reinstate what we did have,” said Bill Holden.

He adds infrastructure costs have gone up significantly and items like fixing water main breaks and paving streets is the most expensive things municipalities con do.

“We did a lot of big projects a few years ago like putting in a new lagoon which is a treatment facility and we’ve got a great treatment facility for drinking water. The new arena has also been a great addition for the community.”

Bill Holden says council will put funding aside to do some water and sewer replacement projects in 2024.

“We’re working on asset management right now and it shows you where you need to focus your money and that’s what we’re going to tackle is the worst streets.”