The Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba has outlined its new leadership structure following the selection of Wayne Ewasko as its interim leader on January 18th. 

Steinbach MLA Kelvin Goertzen will serve as Deputy Leader for Rural Manitoba. He has previously served as Premier, Attorney General, as well as multiple other cabinet roles in the former PC government. He also served as interim leader of the PC Party for the brief period between Heather Stefanson stepping down and Wayne Ewasko being chosen. 

Kathleen Cook will serve as Deputy Leader for Winnipeg and Urban Centres. Cook is a long-time business and community advocate and was first elected to the Manitoba Legislature in 2023. 

Greg Nesbitt will serve as Caucus Chair. He previously served as the Minister of Natural Resources and Northern Development, and has served as an MLA since 2016. 

Doyle Piwniuk will serve as Caucus Whip. He has previously served as the Minister for Transportation and Infrastructure, and as Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. He was first elected in 2014. 

Derek Johnson remains Opposition House Leader. 

Ewasko says “The NDP are already showing their willingness to break their word, and cut things like schools and personal care homes to pay for their $3 billion worth of election promises.” He adds “This reinvigorated team will ensure that the NDP is held to account, and make sure that all Manitobans have their voices heard in the Legislature.”