The Hillcrest Museum located above the Souris River in Souris is known for its history and artifacts and the museum board is using a Halloween theme to help raise money to upgrade the facility.

Haunted Hillcrest was actually approved before the pandemic but covid put those plans on hold until this year.

Mandy Landers is with the group that has converted the Hillcrest Museum into a haunted House.

“We had approached a former board member who has since passed away about using the museum as a haunted house for Souris and the surrounding community. He took it to the board and once covid was over they approached us to go ahead.

The museum has ongoing projects and is always looking to improve the building. “I know they recently fixed the roof, but I also know some of the brick work needs repairs. Some of the bricks are loose on the building and they need to get that fixed,” said Landers.

Haunted Hillcrest goes Friday October 28th and Saturday October 29th.

“We only go the two days, and the No Scare tours go each day between 5:30 and 6:30 pm and the Scare tours run from 7:30 to 9:30 pm Friday and Saturday.”

About 12 people can go through the museum at one time and patrons need to keep their hands to themselves to make sure none of the artifacts get damaged.

“A sign outside the museum says touch nothing and nothing will touch you. We’re really hoping people will keep their hands away from items in the Hillcrest Museum. We had to put away a number of things that were highly breakable.”

People are also encouraged to bring nonperishable food items. All money raised will go towards ongoing upgrades at the Hillcrest Museum.