Last week, Boissevain-Morton held a community meeting to share the need for volunteers, and to call out to local residents to consider joining the staff needed to man their three museums; the Irvin Goodon Wildlife Museum, the Moncur Gallery and the Beckoning Hills Museum.

Executive Assistant for the municipality, Melissa Perkins, says they had a fairly good turn-out with a range of ages, from 8 years old to seniors.  "This is the first year we're opening the museums since Covid, so there are some new initiatives and people were excited to come out and learn how they could be a part of these gems of museums that we have right here in our town."

Perkins says the need for volunteers is great, and they are looking at different options that can bring the younger sector into volunteering in their own back yard.

"The need is great, especially for the museums that are managed by a volunteer board," she explains.  "Without volunteers, the museums would not be possible, and we have some very dedicated volunteers in this community who have been a part of these museum boards for many, many years. Certainly, there is some assistance needed to keep them running."

Please listen to more of the interview with Melissa Perkins and CJRB's Barry Lamb.  Perkins explains more of how volunteers with the many different skill sets can help with local museums.

For those interested in volunteering at the Boissevain museums, please call 204-534-6662.

The Moncur Gallery and the Wildlife Museum will be open daily, from 10am to 6pm, Monday to Sunday.  Beckoning Hills Museum will be open to the public later in June with hours of operation based on volunteer staffing.