Brandon's Daly House Museum continues to share the rich history of the incredible musicians from across the Westman Region over the past hundred years through their current exhibit, "The Sound of History: Bands and Musicians of Western Manitoba's Past."

Exhibition spokesperson, Chloe Diamond, says the exhibit features musical artists in a variety of genres including Jig music, traditional pow wow music, Swing music, Parlor music, ballroom music and jazz.  Also, exhibit includes the dance moves that coincides with the music!  "I believe the music dates all the way back to the pre-date of our music, which is the late 1800's," she shares.

Diamond says her favorite genres is the parlor music and the waltz. 

Please listen to more with Chloe Diamond below and be inspired to learn a new (or old) dance move!

During visiting hours there is music playing in the background, again from the different genres throughout the ages.  The various rooms feature specific eras of music, from phonographs to record players, to music of today.

Some fun facts about the Daly House Museum:

Thomas Mayne Daly II was Brandon’s first lawyer and mayor, Manitoba’s first federal cabinet minister and Canada’s first juvenile court judge. The Daly family lived at 122-18th Street, Brandon, from 1882 to 1896.  More history is on the Daly House Museum website HERE!