Residents and visitors to Killarney may have noticed the new sign at the corner of Broadway and South Railway near the fire hall, that gives special honor to the men and women who serve and have served the Killarney-Turtle Mountain Fire Department.

"It was a long time coming but it was a group effort, and we're pretty pleased to have it up," shares Mayor Janice Smith, "so everybody can appreciate all the work that our fire department does for our community."

Smith says there were numerous businesses and organizations who contributed to the construction and installation of the sign, including the Mayfair Colony creating the firefighter silhouettes, Killarney area farmers King Farms funded the powder coating in Pilot Mound, municipal councillor Greg Erickson built the sign, fire department members laid the concrete themselves and local contractor Curtis Nichol stamped it 'Kinsmen Corner'. Local welding shop Kiwi welding constructed the flag poles, and local electrician G&R Electric dug in the electrical line.

"This was definitely the community working together! And cost was very, very minimal," adds Mayor Smith. "There were a lot of donations and in-kind giving."

"The new sign shows tribute to our many volunteers in the fire department who give their time for our department for the Killarney-Turtle Mountain area," she shares. "We're pretty proud of the new sign, and our department!"

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