The town of Souris has recently added to their peacock flock, however there have been some mishaps this summer, with the loss of 3 of their birds.

Souris resident, Jim Ludlam, has been caring for the iconic peacocks for over 30 years.  He says the new birds have had some trouble adapting to downtown but they're taking measures to help with that.

"We kept them inside for about a month and a half, maybe a little better, and then we released them because we wanted the peacocks around our town," he explains.  "Once they were out, they seemed to go in all directions.  They did not go up town to where our old peacocks were."

Bringing back some of the birds from the previous flock to help these new birds seemed to be a possible solution for the young peacocks to adapt to their new surroundings.

"So, I was able to get 5 of our past year's hens back and we kept them inside for some time, and I was able to get 3 of our first bunch back into the barn, and that left us with eight.  We kept them for some time and then let them out."

"It has worked a little better," he adds. "But, none of them are old enough to have the long tails.  They do venture around the town a bit but they're not too visible."

Unfortunately, the flock has suffered some casualties, one was hit by a car and, "the other two, we're not too sure what really happened to them but we do know that they passed."

 Of the remaining 8 peacocks in the community, Ludlam says there is a special one that has caught a lot of attention; that being a white male peacock.

"He seems to be doing a lot of travelling," he laughs. "I've had reports that he was outside of town and then the next day he was back in town again.  So, he seems to be a traveler!"

In addition to bringing back birds from the previous flock, Ludlam says they are building a new runway addition to their barn.  "And we plan on getting a pair of the older ones back and we'd like to keep them in the barn for the rest of the year, and then we'll see what happens in the spring."

Ludlam says they have had some feedback of tourists who have been disappointed that they were unable to find the peacocks of Souris.  He believes the measures they're taking will help the new flock adapt to their new home.

To avoid more fatalities, he encourages folks to slow down when driving down Souris streets.  "When a peacock is out they seem to think they own the place, and if they're in the middle of the road they're in no hurry of moving."