National Soil Conservation Week (NSCW) is being celebrated this year April 17-23.

The Soil Conservation Council of Canada (SCCC) and the Compost Council of Canada (CCC), with support from the Metcalf Foundation, are releasing a report entitled “Recruiting Soil to Tackle Climate Change: A Roadmap for Canada”. This report calls on Canadians to recruit the potential of soil to help tackle climate change.

The most significant finding in the report is that soils have the potential to completely offset agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions, currently estimated at 73 megatonnes (Mt CO2 eq.) annually.

The “Roadmap” identifies methods of achieving healthier soils by a number of different ways including by increasing organic carbon levels.

The Roadmap is a source of information on:

- the basics of carbon sequestration in soil;
- the potential role soil has to play in the fight against climate change,
- the challenges and opportunities to getting the necessary changes to happen on the landscape.