The above video is courtesy Peter Hildebrand, and was taken Saturday morning.

It'll be some time before officials determine the cause of Saturday's devastating blaze at the Minnewasta Golf and Country Club. Officials with Morden Fire and Rescue continue to investigate the incident alongside the Office of the Fire Commissioner.

"Considering the scale of the building and the intensity of the fire, it's going to take a bit of time before an actual cause comes out," explained Deputy Fire Chief Tim Reimer in a follow up interview Monday morning.

According to Reimer, the department was dispatched to the call around 9:15 a.m. that morning, and he says by the time crews arrived shortly after, there was already heavy smoke and visible flames come from the clubhouse and banquet hall. The Winkler Fire Department was also called in as re-enforcements. Considering member safety and the intensity of the fire at that point, Reimer says the decision was made to take a defensive approach to fighting the fire.

"We couldn't risk going in to the building," he explained. "It is a large wood-constructed building, the metal roof on top as well, it was basically a heat box at that point." Reimer noted, the large timber structure "absolutely" played a role in how quickly the building burned as well.

As a result, fire fighters attacked the flames from the exterior in an effort to protect the adjacent pro shop and golf cart garage. Ultimately, they were able to save the pro shop and about 85 new golf carts in the shed.

Crews remained on scene until about 7 p.m., kicking off the investigation and ensuring all of the hot spots were extinguished before leaving.

This was the first official call where the department deployed its new tanker truck, recently put in to service.

Meantime, the reality of Saturday's devastating fire is beginning to sink in.

Morden Mayor Brandon Burley said the news has brought on a mix of emotions. He said it is certainly a huge loss with respect to the community and their ability to get together around golf, and other community events.

"On the other side, buildings can be replaced, and I'm happy to have not heard of any casualties or any injuries during the fire," said Burley. "So that's obviously the first thing you want to look at...then figure out where you're sitting with the building afterwards. But, the loss of the building will be felt for sometime."

In time, Burley believes a new building will be built, but for now there will be some short term pain for the community.

Burley says the city is very thankful for the Morden and Winkler fire departments, who both responded to the blaze. 

As for what may have started the fire, Burley asks people to be patient as the fire commissioner determines the cause.

"There's been a few comments in the public domain pointing in different directions, and some of them rather accusatory. I would say just be patient and wait for a fire commissioner report before jumping to conclusions, especially when those conclusions involve people."