November is 4-H Month.

"It's just a way of making people aware of 4-H," says Philip Fenez, president of the Manitoba 4-H Council. "Trying to get those who used to be involved in 4-H to maybe become leaders and just to encourage youth, between the ages of 8 and 21 to get involved in their local club."

He says it's important to recognize the influence 4-H programs have on young Manitobans. "4-H is structured around building leaders out of our youth. So part of the program is to teach communication skills, develop leadership and develop young farmers for tomorrow," says Fenez.

He acknowledges overall 4-H participation numbers have declined over the last few years. "We're trying to figure out if that's in correlation with the dwindling rural population. However, we do have strong clubs in some areas that are actually growing," he says.

Stan Struthers, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives, will officially declare November to be "4-H Month" at ceremony at the James Armstrong Richardson International Airport tomorrow. A group of Manitoba 4-H members are headed to Toronto for the National 4-H Conference, taking place this week.

~ Tuesday, November 2, 2010 ~