A Brandon Police officer has bene cleared by the province’s Independent Investigations Unit (IIU).

The IIU has concluded its investigation into an allegation that the affected person (AP) was choked and rendered unconscious during an interaction with police in Brandon on January 16, 2020.

In June the Brandon Police Service (BPS) advised an individual (the affected person) had complained of being choked by a police officer while he was incapacitated after he had been transported for care at the Brandon Regional Health Centre.

IIU investigators were assigned to this investigation.

Investigators met with and interviewed the AP. Seven civilian witnesses were identified as individuals to be interviewed in this investigation.

Based on the various witness accounts and other information obtained in this investigation, the civilian director is not satisfied that reasonable grounds exist to justify the designation of any BPS officer as a subject officer. In addition, the civilian director
is not satisfied that there exists any evidence to find that any BPS officer used excessive and unnecessary force during all interactions with AP.


The IIU investigation is now closed.