With the rise in covid numbers, the winter rec program at the Killarney Shamrock Centre has had to be reviewed.

General Manager, Liana Smith, says the skating programs remain status quo with hockey games and practices continuing as originally scheduled.

However, some programs have been postponed to begin later in the month.

“We had scheduled for our winter programming to start on the 10th of January but due to the way the public health is going right now, we decided to postpone that to the 17th and to follow with what the school is doing,” explains Smith, “and then we’re going to reevaluate at that time whether we will proceed.”

“By then, public health orders could have changed again, so we’ll know more next week,” she adds.

 Programs that are now scheduled to start on January 17th include the rec boxing program, gymnastics, dance and the fitness centre programs.

Smith says there is some concern as to what the public health orders will be by early next week.  “We’re thinking that either we’re going to get shut down or that our numbers will get limited.  It’s really an unknown at this point,” she says.

“Omicron really threw a wrench into our plans! It has really taken hold and its spreading like wildfire so we’re just sitting on the edge of our seats just hoping that we don’t get shut down, but we really don’t know at this time.”

Smith is pleased that they’ve been able to continue the skating programs.  “It’s been wonderful, especially now that the kids’ winter vacation was extended a week.  We’ve actually had a lot of people in here with public skating and Sticks and Pucks and so its been nice to be able to offer at least something for the kids!”