The recent rains in the region haven't dampened the enthusiasm for snowmobilers in the southwest!

"This is probably one of the best winters we've had in a long time," shares President of the Southwest Sno Trackers. "From all reports we have great trails. That little bit of rain put a crust on the snow but actually it's not affecting the snowmobilers. There's close to 3 feet of snow on the level up in the Turtle's and it's a great sledding year!"

Signage is complete throughout the 250 km of trail systems from the Turtle Mountain Provincial Park, to Deloraine and Boissevain, north to Souris, which comes under the Southwest Sno Trackers purview. 

"We try to work it that if we were up that way near Souris early in the week, we try to be up there late the next week," he explains. "So, the entire trail system at least once every two weeks is entirely covered.  Especially some of the prairie trails, we try to vary the times we groom them because the wind is always a factor."

Warmer temperatures this weekend won't affect the trail conditions, says Weidenhamer.  "You'd need some fairly warm weather over a few days to affect it.  It's definitely settling the snow and putting a crust on it I guess, but sometimes that's a good thing too, so the snow doesn't blow away."  

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