The International Peace Garden partners with many organizations to provide more services, opportunities and entertainment throughout their prime time tourism season, summer!

Just a few of those partnerships include Triathlon Manitoba, the Music Camp program, and the North American Game Warden Association.

The Peace Garden held their first triathlon back in 2019, prior to the pandemic. This summer they’re welcoming back their athletes to the second triathlon, set for early June.    Peace Garden CEO, Tim Chapman, says they had to postpone the event for the past 2 summers, but they’re very excited to be partnering with Triathlon Manitoba once again. 

The Peace Garden is ideal for the two-day event. “Two days' worth of events that are confined to the grounds, so there’s no outside highways that have to be shut down for the bike and the run,” explains Chapman. “For the swimmers, that portion of it happens on Lake Stormon, on the north side of the Garden” 

Chapman says their first run at this event back in 2019 was an incredible experience for everyone involved.  “There were over 200 participants and lots of families came down, especially those who wanted to get their kids into the ‘Kids of Steel’ duathlon, which is part of the weekend, and on that weekend will also be the Grand Opening of the brand-new play area and there will be a special picnic planned for around that. 

Also returning this summer is their Music Camp program. “I’d be lying if I didn’t say I missed seeing the International Music Camp. Too many years without all that energy and music, and life on the grounds, was really strange, but Music Camp is back on this year,” shares Chapman. 

“They’re an incredible partner of ours and they provide some of the best instruction in the world for youth who come from, primarily North Dakota and Manitoba, but from all over the world traditionally. They get to listen, learn from, experience and play with top-notch instructors!” 

The Peace Garden will host concerts open to the public, where they bring in orchestras from around the region to play for the music camp students. Students also play for their families on the Saturday’s at the end of their Music Camp stay at the Peace Garden. 

“Because we’re welcoming the International Peace Garden Music Camp back, we’ve themed our flower beds this year ‘Music and the Arts’,” he adds. The gardens will feature the various aspects of the Arts, including the visual Arts and dance. “We really wanted to welcome the Music Camp back in a big way and our horticultural team did an incredible job last fall designing the flower beds that would speak to the Arts!” 

Sights to see at the Peace Garden this summer include the Game Warden Museum. Chapman says the wildlife museum speaks to conservation, which is intertwined with peace as does every aspect of the Garden. 

“The North American Game Warden Association have taken illegal kills, and rather than just destroying those animals, they do the taxidermy, so kids can come and learn about these animals that live in North America. So, if you come and visit this museum, you’ll be able to see a polar bear, wolves, all types of big game and more. They’re great partners that we’re excited to re-engage again this year too!” 

Triathlon Dates:

July 2, 2022: Mixed Relay Triathlon & Kids Duathlon 
July 3, 2022: Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon 

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