Every spring Boissevain area farmer, Paul Bell, plants hundreds of pumpkin seeds, all to raise funds for a local charity, cause or project.  This year Paul's Pumpkins raised just under $4,000 with 800 pumpkin plants!  All proceeds were donated to the Boissevain School's playground project.

"We always pick a charity and donate it back to that charity," explains Bell. "We've been doing Christmas Cheer for a few years, and we reached out to them, and they were sitting pretty good, so we decided to go down that road for the school playground."

Visitors to Paul's pumpkin patch, or to Stead's Farm Supply where they are also on display, can donate as much as they'd like for as many pumpkins as they'd like.

"We don't sell them or put a price on them. We just let folks donate what they feel they can and then it goes from there!"

Dry growing conditions this past summer meant Paul had to haul water to replenish his parched plants, but the pumpkin patch is his family's passion, and everybody pitches in!

"We had lots of different varieties," he says. "We had little pumpkins, big pumpkins, we try and mix it up, and it's always nice to see people come out and the kids smile.  We kept one area for u-pick this year.  I usually pick the faraway patches and let the close one this year for people to go and do their own exploring!"

Previous Donations:

  • 2023 - $3958.40 Boissevain School Playground
  • 2022 - $4757.85 Boissevain Christmas Cheer
  • 2021 - $3430.90 Boissevain Christmas Cheer
  • 2020 - $2670.10 Russell Glover/Christmas Cheer
  • 2019 - $245 Westman Animal Rescue
  • 2018 – $779.25 Boissevain Jaws of Life
  • 2017 – $275 Boissevain Arts Council
  • 2016 - $800 Hunter Ferguson

Over the past 7 years Paul's Pumpkins has raised $16,916.50 for Boissevain's local projects and charities!

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