The Mother's Day brunch is the springboard for tourism season at the International Peace Garden - and that's taking place this Sunday!

This year it will also mark the official opening of the newly expanded Conservatory where thousands of cacti and succulents will be on display in their 'new digs'.

CEO Tim Chapman says they're horticultural team is very close to completing the massive task of transplanting the plants in their new home.

"We probably won't be 100% complete in there but we're getting really close so that when folks are visiting on Mother's Day, they'll be able to tour all through the Conservatory," explains Chapman.

"But even for some of the areas that aren't complete, the rest of the area is in bloom season, so there are tons of flowers in the Conservatory right now!"

"It's really been a lot of fun over the past couple of weeks when the plants start to take off.  Now that a lot of them are in new soil, and soil that is more suited to them along as getting reverse osmosis water, these plants are really thriving after a couple of years going back and forth because of the project."

Chapman says it's always fun to showcase their blossoms to the public, but especially now in the beautifully redeveloped building where this world-class collection is on display.

"Folks are always surprised at how many flowers come off of these very diverse plants, both the succulents and the cacti," he adds.

For more on the Peace Garden Mother's Day Brunch please visit their website HERE!

(Photo credit Betty Sawatzky)