The past few years were challenging for the International Peace Garden (IPG) but 2022 was a bounce back year with more people passing through the front gates.

The IPG south of Boissevain is popular with tourists as it offers a variety of floral displays and other scenic sites.

“This year coming up we have big plans including the grand opening of our expanded conservatory. That program is set to take place July 8th. Everything is kind of revolving around that and getting people excited to share this new space with us and it’s going to be an incredible 12-month draw.”

The grand opening will take place during a summer month because that’s when more visitors are passing through the IPG. “The building is close to being fully enclosed and then we’ll spend the next few months getting all the plants situated in their new landscape.”

Chapman says financially the International Peace Garden is doing okay thanks to lots of support from governments on both sides of the border.

“We’re in pretty good shape but it sure would have been nice not having to deal with the past few years but we weathered it really well and we continue to build partnerships that will allow us to do more in the future, "said Tim Chapman.