The International Peace Garden has started getting families involved in their upcoming Kites for Peace event, taking place this Saturday afternoon during their Fall Celebration.

The annual event will showcase an amazing line-up of activities, one of which is Kites for Peace.

"There's no serious frost in the forecast, which makes this coming Saturday a great day for our Fall Celebration," shares Peace Garden CEO Tim Chapman. "We're trying to cement our Fall Celebration as an annual event each year."

"This year it's really highlighted by a few things including Kites for Peace," he says. "It's an initiative that goes world-wide. We were at the Boissevain Streetfest this past weekend and we were helping kids build their kites that they can fly at the Garden on Saturday afternoon from 1:00-4:00 pm. For those who haven't made their kites yet, decorating starts at 11:00 am here at the Peace Garden."

"It has been a busy but exciting summer, and one that has lasted maybe a little longer than we can usually bank on," adds Chapman. 

The Peace Garden hosted their Gala in the Garden just a few weeks ago, their largest fundraising event, with proceeds going to the newly expanded Conservatory which houses their world-class cacti and succulent collection.

"The Gala was great, it was a fun evening," says Chapman. "The weather was great again, and we had about 150 people attend.  It was just another great opportunity to cement annual events that we're wanting to hold    It was really a lot of fun to see people enjoy a really fun evening out on the patio in front of the Conservatory.  It was also our first chance to really show a lot of people through the expanded Conservatory that evening.  All the plants aren't in their new soil yet but there were some planted at that point.  Folks really appreciated getting to see that big new space!"

'Kites for Peace is a movement for social change through recreation, arts and culture with a special focus on community initiatives.
It is a global movement for unity and peace. Our global workshops and mini festivals are held in schools and communities globally  throughout the year . We traditionally commemorate the United Nations International Day of Peace,' states their website.

The history of Kites for Peace as per their website:

'In 2014, tired of the negativity and wanting to get out of the stress of the city, Suraiya Essof was looking for inner peace and a reason to bring friends and family together away from the city. She came across a poster on Facebook for a World record breaking attempt of the number of kites flown simultaneously called Kites for Peace.'

'This record was first set on the beaches of Gaza, Palestine where children flew 13000 kites at the same time. She contacted the organizer, Sarah Queblatin, and pledged to bring people together to fly kites and to be a part of this record breaking attempt with special purpose and message of peace.'

'48 kites were flown in Zimbabwe that year as a part of this “Kites for Peace” initiative. Friends and family picnicked, flew kites and enjoyed the serenity of Lake Chivero at the Jacana Yacht Club. The message was well received: find your joy to find your peace.'