Celebrating 90 years of the International Peace Garden’s recognition of the close relationship between Canada and the United States has inspired additions to the Garden, expansion projects and sponsorship opportunities. 

“We were really fortunate a couple of years ago that there was great vision of the State and Province, knowing that the Peace Garden is a one-of-a-kind institution, and approaching 90 years had a lot of infrastructure was in need of some upkeep,” shared Tim Chapman, CEO for the International Peace Garden. 

Thanks to the State of North Dakota and the Province of Manitoba, the Peace Garden received a Historic Capital Projects Grant totaling $15M Canadian ($12M U.S). 

 “We found a balance of fixing up our assets that people are used to seeing and take so much pride in the region, while also working on some new things, like the new Children’s Play Area and the Conservatory expansion to really enhance the year-round draw,” he said. 

The Peace Garden tends to see the bulk of their visitors from May to September, but with these expansions, they’re better able to tap into the winter market, as far as recreational opportunities.  

“So, you can imagine people getting to ski and snow shoe and then to warm up they pop inside the Conservatory and see the cacti and get a meal,” he said. 

A goal of $3.1M Cdn ($2.5M U.S.) has been set, through this campaign, to complete these projects. 

“Through that there are many naming rights that we’re offering to corporations and organizations and individuals and foundations that might want to put their name, or their family’s name, as a memorial on some of these incredible new features at the Garden,” added Chapman. 

“With the naming rights, we’re looking for people who might be interested in the whole Conservatory or the lobby, the gift shop and naming rights for the individual zones in the Play area.”  

Naming rights on the various flower beds throughout the Garden are also available through their Adopt-A-Flower-Bed-Sponsorship campaign, from $5,000 to $500 with a variety of themes, such as the iconic clock at the entrance to the garden.  

Welcoming back the International Music Camp inspired music and arts themed flower beds. Beds could be adorned with sculptures, such as a treble cleff or a bass cleff. “There’s going to be donated pianos, tubas and a variety of instruments. These are instruments that no longer work,” explained Chapman. “So, what we’re going to do is plant those up with flowers as part of the overall theme.” 

Dancing Mannequins will also celebrate the Arts.

“Our horticultural team is going to plant up the dresses to represent the dance component of the Arts and they’re going to use different plants to make that mannequin really flow and be a part of the plant landscape as well.” 

For more on Adopt-A-Flower-Bed visit: Adopt-A-Flower Bed Sponsorships - International Peace Garden