The 2022 Summer Celebration at the International Peace Garden was a monumental event recognizing the Peace Garden's 90 Anniversary!  However, the event was so successful, the Peace Garden is hosting it again!  In fact, CEO Tim Chapman says they want to establish the second weekend in August as an annual Summer Celebration event.

The August 11-13th Summer Celebration weekend event will feature live entertainment, lots of food, kids' activities, and much more!

Chapman says they will be hosting a big car show on the Saturday of that weekend as well, and they've had a great response from both sides of the border.  "We're getting a lot of great feedback from car enthusiasts and car clubs from across Manitoba and North Dakota.  So, that's going to be a lot of fun!"

The Peace Garden's 2022 Summer Celebration saw strong support, so they're ramping up for another big event with lots of visitors to the Garden.

"One really awesome thing that will be even more ready by the Summer Celebration weekend is our play area!  The staff has been working really hard to wrap up the hawk and eagle nests, the beaver lodge and the play area.  So, folks who have already seen those know that they're metal structures.  So, the goal is to wrap those in plant material, so you don't really see the metal, and they feel more like nests and a beaver lodge."

To make the play area even more unique is that a variety of herbs will be planted just under the climbing structure so the natural scents of the different herbal varieties will be released once little feet step on them!  

"So that's really exciting and will just enhance the overall family experience that's pretty unique to the Garden compared to any other venue you might go to," he adds.

"Folks should really come down and bring the kids," he says.  "We had a huge showing last year when we had our celebration around the 90th Anniversary, so we're expecting some pretty big numbers again this year," he explains.