A grant from the province of Manitoba will allow the International Peace Garden (IPG) to move forward with improvements to the Errick Willis Pavilion.

The Errick Willis Pavilion has an upper level and lower level available for rental. Both upper and lower levels seats about 100 (200 total, if both are rented). There is a staircase that links the two levels together. Both levels offer an amazing view of Lake Stormon.

The Province of Manitoba has stepped forward with a grant of $875,000 through the Arts, Culture and Sport in Community Fund.

Turtle Mountain MLA Doyle Piwniuk is also a board member of the International Peace Garden which is located south of Boissevain in his constituency. “We like to rent out the facility and we already have things like the tri-athlon’s home base and a number of weddings held there every year.”


Plans are to give the half century old building a major face lift. Improvements include new windows and doors and work to make changes to the exterior of the building that was built in 1967.

“There’s high demand and high opportunity with this venue and that’s why we’re moving forward with the project. We also hope to secure matching dollars from the State of North Dakota.”

The board of the IPG wants to make the popular tourist spot more of a destination stop for patrons from both sides of the border.

The project is expected to cost $1.4 million and is expected to start this year.