A three-term councillor with the RM of Sifton would like to join the board of directors of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities.

Scott Phillips enjoys municipal work and he’d like to try and do more to help municipalities by working around the provincial board table.

A vacancy in the Western District was created when Stuart Olmstead failed to get re-elected as the Mayor of Carberry.

“I learned on at an early stage that if you want to get things accomplished and be effective you have to be involved past your own borders of your local municipalities.”

“Over the years we’ve had success dealing with issues like EMS services and the night hunting. I was approached and asked if there was an opening would I be in favour of running for the Western District position.”

Phillips has more than a decade of municipal work under his belt, and he feels he has a good relationship with the AMM board.

Phillips doesn’t know if anyone else is going to let their name stand for the director’s positions, but he says if they do then the elected officials will have the final say on who should sit around the AMM board table.


Nomination deadline is November 25th and an election if needed would take place November 29th.