RCMP want area residents to be alert and make sure they are aware of an increase in the number of phone scams being reported.

Over the past few weeks Turtle Mountain RCMP have noticed an increase in the number of reports from people say they were getting scammers calling.

Corporal Murray Haggerty says no question they’ve seen an increase in the number of scam calls taking place in the region. “We’ve had more of those calls being reported in the Killarney, Boissevain and Deloraine area.”

Police urge people to take steps to protect themselves against these types of calls.

“Don’t feel you have to answer an unknown phone number. If you do and you’re unsure about the person you are talking to do not give them any personal information. Go with the thought that if it’s too good to be true it is. Disconnect the call and contact RCMP as soon as possible” said Cpl. Haggerty.

This time around a number of the callers are using the Canada Revenue scam or claim they’re calling from your credit card company saying they need more information. “The calls are always quite similar but they do try to adjust it a little bit but usually the scams are recycled but they’re much the same.”

Corporal Haggerty says a vast majority of the people are aware of theses scams and they aren’t falling victim to the calls.

“Just a reminder don’t give out personal information if you don’t know who you are talking with on the phone.”