I'm sure the snow outside will be exactly what many need to pick up that art project that's just been waiting for the right day to delve right in!

The snow inspires all kinds of things, a winter scene, or a bright sunny summer day! 

Well, if you've never attended or participated in the Westman Juried Art Show, then don't fret because you have four months to work on your two art pieces to enter!

But one has to remember the Westman Juried Art Show is an exhibition exclusively for the budding or developing artist!  Where those who have been creating pieces for decades get to rub shoulders with those who've just started their path of expressing themselves through their art.  And artists of every age are included in the exhibition as there is even a special youth section where young people can share their own unique creations with their community!

Elaine Rawlings is the Chair for the Midwest Arts Council, and President of the Hamiota Arts Club.  Rawlings says one of the highlights of the Juried Show is the choosing of the twenty pieces that will participate in the annual Travelling Art Gallery.  

"Sometimes there are up to 150 pictures that the jurors have to select 20 to travel!" she says.

"I think that's another thing that people feel tense about is that everybody wants to be chosen," shares Rawlings, "and people think, 'Oh, I'm going to have to try harder', or 'mine wasn't as good', but it's not that," she adds. "You don't know what criteria the jurors are using to choose for that year, and sometimes they choose them for a lot of different reasons!"

Please listen to more with Elaine Rawlings below!

The Travelling Art Gallery is featured from now until December 23rd at the Shoal Lake Library and will then take a breather, before continuing on to the next location: Minnedosa Library from January 2-20th, 2024.  From there it will continue throughout the Westman Region until mid-April.

And that's where you come in!  The 2024 Westman Juried Art Show will take place on April 28th at the Kenton Community Hall, this being it's 45th year!

"I hope that we'll have great participation at the next show and I hope that we have a really great turn-out at the exhibition tea on April 28th!" invites Elaine Rawlings.

  • Dec 4 - 23 Shoal Lake Library 204-759-2242
  • Dec 24 – Jan 1, 2024 Unscheduled – Xmas Break
  • Jan 2 - 20 Minnedosa Library 204-867-2585
  • Jan 22 – Feb 10 Arts Forward, Neepawa 204-476-3232
  • Feb 12 – Mar 2 Rapid City Library 204-826-2732
  • Mar 4 – 23 Rivers Library 204-328- 7613
  • Mar 25 – Apr 20 Brandon 204-726-0493 

For more visit the ARTSWEST Council Webpage and click on the Juried Art Show to the right of the page.

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