Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) workers have voted overwhelmingly against their employer's latest offer, extending the province-wide strike that began on August 28th, and involved approximately 1,700 workers at the Crown Corporation. The walkout has affected services such as damage claims and driver road tests.

The latest offer by MPI included raises totalling 12.2 per cent over four years.

Monday marked the start of the 10th week of strike action, making it one of the lengthiest in the history of the Manitoba Government and General Employees' Union (MGEU).

MGEU President Kyle Ross stated, "We always wanted our members to vote on their next contract, rather than have something imposed on them. Today our members have spoken, and after nine weeks on the picket line, they’re standing firm in their fight for fairness."

According to MGEU, the two side bargained through the weekend, and now union representatives will promptly request the Crown Corporation’s return to the bargaining table to re-engage in discussions.

The rejection vote also means that picketing will continues.

MGEU President Kyle Ross claims there is a disconnect between the government's verbal support for their members and the employer's stance at the negotiation table. 

picketers walk on sidewalk

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