Many consider pickleball as the fastest growing sport in North America and very shortly people in Boissevain will be able to take up the sport.

The Boissevain-Morton Parks and Recreation Department is setting up courts and getting people in place to organize and run pickleball. “We sent out a call not too long ago asking for interested parties and we’ve had an astronomical response, so we know there’s a need for it in town,” said parks and recreation director Wendy Giesbrecht.

“The next step is to get key holders to coordinate the program and open and close the doors for each draw. We’re getting tape and we’ll make two courts in the Legion Hall.”

Giesbrecht says a key component to the pickleball program will be getting people to run the games and open and close the legion hall. “We need someone to act on behalf of the municipality and do things like accept registrations and fees. This will allow us to open several times per week.”



So far more than 30 people have responded by email with many others using social media.

“You can have four people on the court for pickleball so that gets pretty tight for numbers. It would be ideal to offer afternoon and evening sessions several times through the week.”

There’s no prerequisite for ability, age or gender.

“I’m hoping to do some programming over the summer and maybe hold an open house and a how-to night and go from there and we expect to be in full gear by the fall,” said Wendy Giesbrecht.”